Over 20 Years of Providing Reliable, Quality Parts.

We have experience servicing the medical, optical, dental, government, military / aerospace, and commercial industries.

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Our Capabilities


Tabco facilities include Swiss-style CNC machining and CNC Milling Centers. We specialize in smaller milled parts (14” x 8” x 4”, generally parts are under 6” x 4”x 1”)


Order Processing & Cycle


Our goal is to continually improve our parts made, operations, and benefits to our customers. From quote to production to final packaging and shipping, the customer is our main focus.


A Focus on Precision Swiss Lathe Parts

Tabco has been providing over 20 years of quality service precision manufacturing, Our business. located in southern California, is dedicated to state-of-the-art equipment and round-the-clock production making us the prominent choice for precision-machined components.

Tabco runs three models of Star CNC lathes, Swiss style CNC machining center, from 12mm to 32mm all equipped with automatic bar loaders “Lathe parts simple to highly complex from 1/64” .015” to 1 ¼” 1.25” and lengths to 6”.

We also make R&D parts for our customers to help them rapidly develop new products. By making the R&D parts we can quickly initiate production.

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Our Quality Control Separates Us from the Rest


Tabco’s primary implemented quality control system follows ISO 9001-2002, alternatively the system complies to MIL-I-45208 (Military Specification Inspection System) requirements. These inspection routines are an integral part of Tabco’s manufacturing process, guaranteeing the conformity to your specifications and requirements.

Tabco practices a program of continues improvement. Every job run is documented and records are filed to provide a reference for any questions regarding our parts but more often to provide a foundation to build on for repeat order processing, as over 90%
of Tabco work is repeat order processing.

Traceability - Tabco maintains records on material certifications and records of parts production from 1st article through final inspection and shipment.

Quality and process control work together, as a major goal for our company, we strive to continually improve our processes and provide even improving part quality to our customers.

Quick and Responsive

Specializing in Burr-Free Parts and Small Parts under one-half inch.

Parts are generated from quality materials including titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and other materials including implantable grades.

Tabco’s production staff carefully manages the manufacturing process insuring that parts always meet customer requirements.

Contact TABCO Precision

Contact TABCO Precision for more information on precision swiss lathe parts. Our goal is to continually improve our parts made, operations and benefits to our customers.

Tel: (760) 723-5283
Fax: (760) 451-3092
Email: sales@TABCOprecision.com